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How does a Road side Assistance work under Auto insurance

Hedges vehicle

  • Status Report tracks
  • When the insured is to ingest liquor company on request, you can provide a driver to take you to the usual address.
  • own suppliers and outsourced

Home inspections

  • Workshop trolley (minor breakdowns)
  • Displacement of the insured and beneficiaries by simple or qualified vehicle theft
  • Transport, storage or custody of the vehicle repaired or recovered

Location and delivery of spare parts

  • During a trip, death, accident or illness, the company will provide a professional driver to take them to the usual address or nearest destination site.
  • Crane trailer or transport vehicle, breakdown or accident
  • Pay parking in transit through immobilization
  • Stay and movement of the insured and beneficiaries vehicle immobilization
  • Legal assistance

Service attorney to release the vehicle to the respective legal unit.

  • Home expenses jail.
  • Lawyer phone service or site if the event warrants.
  • Service attorney for assistance to the judicial unit transit or mediation center.
  • Hedges people
  • Transportation of the insured and beneficiaries in case of death of one (s) of them
    Ambulance additional costs (for transfer of the insured in case of injury or accident)
  • Facilitator Service
  • Moving the insured for trip interruption due to the death of a family member
  • Transportation in case of accident injury or illness of the insured during the trip
  • Travel and subsistence of a family of the insured
  • Transmission of urgent messages