Stanford (@3.5) vs Central Florida (@1.32)

Our Prediction:

Central Florida will win

Stanford – Central Florida Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 15:30

Florida can also struggle passing at the OH2 position with those two girls switching out. With a higher pass percentage, Stanford is going to be in system a lot more and able to run their middles. The advantage goes to Stanford because if you look at their passing numbers so far this season, they are almost two-tenths better than Florida. Florida is not as comfortable running their middles on 2.0 passes when they are off the net. Stronger serving teams can go after them if they are in there. Coach Says: Advantage Stanford.

They do a nice job of scouting and will give her the respect she deserves. I still think combined they will score more than (Audriana) Fitzmorris and their other middle (Tami Alade). I dont think Florida will forget about (Alade). Theyll just deal with (Merete) Lutz one-on-one. Offensively, if you look at what Florida did against the SEC, they probably should have set their middles even more and they would score at will, but they arent always comfortable running them when the ball is off the net. Others teams havent respected her enough, but I think Florida starts off in front of her and wont let her go off. Coach Says: Advantage Florida.

You have to hit around that big block because you cant hit over it and the defenders are there to scoop up a ton of balls. For us, defense is about serving tough, a well-formed block and digs that leads to kills. Coach Says: Advantage Stanford. Stanford serves tough and gets teams out of system, which feeds into their big block.

Its about getting sideouts. Coach Says: Advantage Stanford. She can locate well on the run. Huskey can go up on a tight ball and either set or dump it. The Stanford setter (Jenna Gray) has essentially two years under her belt with the same team. There are times when you can make a case for Florida going back to a 5-1 with (Allie) Monserez, even being the shorter blocker. Shell swing it to her middles from 10 feet off the net. She knows how to ride hitters and she understands the rhythm. Having Huskey in the front row does help them with the block and having an offensive setter like that does mean you have to treat her like a hitter. Shes definitely part of the scouting report, but I think if you can put free balls over to Zone 1 and make it harder for her to dump it can frustrate her. She understands setting hitters in certain situations.

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The success comes when its able to power away on offense and have one of the Pac-12s best defenses, but expect a whole lot of downfield passing again. Stanford almost always finds ways to rise up and rock under head coachDavid Shaw, but this years team comes down to the line play and to sound like a clich getting back to Cardinal football.

In the Pac-12, they serve a lot of Zone 1. They can go for seams or certain targets. If Stanford can serve Zone 1 and Huskey is taking the ball over her shoulder, she cant see the block anymore so we might see Stanford serve that zone more. Stanford girls can go back and rip it. If you look at it, Stanford gets more aces and serves better overall. She goes back there and rips it, but the other girls for Florida are more spot servers. Coach Says: Advantage Stanford. The SEC could probably serve Zone 1 more. (Carli) Synder has 53 aces or whatever she has. (Kat) Plummer with her float serve, shes so tall as it comes down its so hard to read. When Florida has (Cheyenne) Huskey front row, she likes to dump a lot.

The Cardinal are the defending national champion who put together a tremendous regular season with losses to Penn State (twice) and Washington. No team can make another change its strategy as much as Stanford can. Florida is one of the better blocking teams, especially with Rhamat Alhassan and Rachael Kramer in the middle, and Cheyenne Huskey going front row at setter. PVB Outlook: Heres what makes us so eager to see this clash. Carli Snyder is due for a better match than against USC, while Shainah Joseph is capable of hurting Stanford. It started from Day 1, with victories over Texas and Nebraska and showed most recently with the heroic comeback over USC. Stanfords block and back row defense with Hentz always gives Stanford a leg up in those areas. Thats not the real reason though why I wouldnt want to play Florida. We saw what happened to Nebraska in last years Final Four against Texas. Part of that will depend on who Joseph gets matched against, Plummer or Meghan McClure? There is no doubt the Big Ten rematch between Nebraska and Penn State is the more attractive matchup in terms of history, but there are no two teams scarier to play right now than Stanford and Florida. Its also impossible to replicate what Morgan Hentz can do at libero. They know how to win at this time of season because of their experience and they are as physically imposing as it comes, led by National Player of the Year candidate Kat Plummer. Its hard to replicate in practice what its like to have the 6-6 Plummer attacking, along with 6-8 Merete Lutz and 6-5 Audriana Fitzmorris. With Stanford, its kind of obvious. Heres why. Its more because the grit and fearlessness the Gators have exhibited this season is legit! Plummer blocking Joseph will be a fun matchup to pay attention if and when it happens. Its like Florida is playing with house money at this point and thats always a dangerous spot for someone like Stanford to be in.

Davis Mills is completing 58 percent of his passes for 318 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The Stanford Cardinal ground game is averaging 115 yards per contest, and Scarlett leads the way with 179 yards and one touchdown. Mills and K.J. The Stanford Cardinal look to get a game above a .500 record with their first road victory. The Stanford Cardinal have split their last six road games. Connor Wedington and Colby Parkinson have combined for 263 receiving yards and one touchdown while Cameron Scarlett has five receptions. Defensively, Stanford is allowing 26 points and 351 yards per game. Paulson Adebo leads the Stanford Cardinal with 13 tackles, Casey Toohill has two sacks and Andrew Pryts has one interception. Costello have combined for 470 passing yards and two touchdowns.

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