Dallas Cowboys (@1.66) vs New York Jets (@2.2)

Our Prediction:

Dallas Cowboys will win

Dallas Cowboys – New York Jets Match Prediction | 13-10-2019 15:20

The Eagles get the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks, which arent gimmes by any means. And the last time the Eagles played Seattle was in 2017 when the Seahawks beat them 24-10, handing them one of their three losses that year. The Falcons struggled last season, but they still have a talented roster which should make for a tough game for Philly.

This week will present a difficult challenge for Fitzpatrick, though. The team is allowing an average of just 221 passing yards per gamefourth-fewest in the NFL. Despite being 3-9, the Cowboys have been solid on the defensive side of the ball.

And what money they did spend in free agency, they used on tight end Jared Cook, which gives Drew Brees another weapon for his offense. The bad news is - they were already a pretty good team and didnt take any significant hits to their roster. The good news for the Cowboys is that New Orleans didnt do much to improve their team. Cap space and lack of draft capital has handcuffed the team in making any meaningful moves this offseason.

I will useHuddle with Thrillas a venue to provide members of thisgreat fan base,better known as #CowboysNation, with an opportunity to show their passion and knowledge of the game. While always my personal thought, the claim of having the best NFL fans is not my opinion but is based on a quantitative analysis of fan bases done by Professor Michael Lewis from Emory University.

Key Matchups

The Jets opened up their pocketbook this offseason by adding LeVeon Bell and C.J. And spending the no. Mosley to the squad. The success of the 2019 Jets relies on the development of second-year quarterback Sam Darnold. While they could show improvement this season, this team still has a lot of holes. 3 overall pick on the top interior defensive linemen certainly doesnt hurt either.

After revamping their secondary a year ago, they made big changes to bolster their defensive line this year. The Packers have been a thorn in the Cowboys side, but wouldnt you know it the year they only produce six wins is the year Dallas doesnt end up playing them. On offense, its still Aaron Rodgers show to run and were all hoping the loss of Randall Cobb is felt, especially in their Week 5 matchup. The Cowboys will get a shot at them this year, but this Green Bay team has reloaded. The Packers uncharacteristically went shopping in free agency to bring in extra help.

While winning the division might be a challenging task with a team as good as the Eagles in the mix, a trip to the playoffs looks favorable. A lot of teams have plenty of tough games, and the Cowboys first-place schedule isnt going to hold them back. A 10-6 record has been good enough to get into the NFC players in each of the last four seasons, and it shouldnt be any different this year.

Mike Zimmers defense played well, but the offense struggled despite having one of the best wide receiver tandems in the league in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. The team struggled running the ball (30th in the league in yards rushing) and Dalvin Cooks inability to stay healthy hurts, but the team added some fresh young legs in the draft with Boise States Alexander Mattison. The Vikings are strapped for cap space as they have a lot of money spread out to several different players, including paying a premium price for quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Head coach Sean McVay has done a good job finding replacements as 2015 no. And when you take into account that wide receiver Cooper Kupp is coming back, the Rams should be locked and loaded for another big run. The Rams defense has taken a hit in recent years after losing edge rusher Robert Quinn last year and then safety Lamarcus Joyner this offseason. 3 overall pick Dante Fowler and six-time Pro Bowler Eric Weddle are on the team.


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Their AFC division this year is the East, which features New England and essentially nobody else. In fact, the Cowboys catch a couple breaks. Will that be good enough to win the NFC East? A lot is made about the Cowboys first-place schedule, but its not as bad as some make it out to be. If not, what about a Wild Card spot? And even some of the teams with a losing record like Cleveland (added Odell Beckham Jr., Kareem Hunt, and Olivier Vernon) and Jacksonville (they now have a quarterback in Nick Foles) are expected to be better this season. Throwing a prediction out there right now, we have the Cowboys going on the low end 10-6 or the high end at 11-5 for the 2019 season. Every other NFC division is playing an AFC division that has at least two teams with a winning record, and some even against three teams.

We will look at this contest from an offensive, defensive, and special teams perspective, and then make a prediction of the final score. This is a week for both teams because division games weigh heavily in deciding playoff spots and any team with Super Bowl aspirations knows how important every game is to home field advantage. With that in mind, lets take a look at this weeks match up with the New York Giants.

While the game being played on Saturday makes things alittlebit iffy, the Jets really shouldn't have any problems dealing the Cowboys their 10th loss of the season.