Army (@1.07) vs UTSA (@8.5)

Our Prediction:

Army will win

Army – UTSA Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 15:30

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First conference game is a loss for the birds. Adrian - UNT has proven to be the class of C-USA West in recent years, and rightfully so with the job Head Coach Seth Littrell has done. UTSA should be able to hold their own in a respectable battle, but theyre going to need a lot more fine tuning before hanging with the Mean Green.

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Adrian - Unfortunately for UTSA, this is not the same broken Baylor team that the Roadrunners secured their first P5 win against two years ago. A young UTSA gets a nasty welcoming to the next level of a college football. Also, theres going to be a couple of guys on Baylor that remember the UTSA loss and have a bad taste in their mouths. This is now a veteran-laced team ready to right Briles wrongs and compete for the upper echelon of the Big 12.

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This will be a fun game with a little bit of back and forth, but ultimately the Roadrunners will run away with it. Adrian - UIW had a great season last year. They are well coached and thus will be well prepared, but the size and talent of UTSAs athletes should be far superior to what UIW can field. They boasted a co-conference championship and remained undefeated at home in San Antonio behind a high-powered offense.

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Barring a bowl game or conference championship, UTSA will travel out of state just twice in 2019, with one of those trips being a quick jaunt across the Louisiana border to face the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Its a tough but interesting schedule for the Roadrunners, as they wont leave the state of Texas until the second week of November.

Jared - While I think UTSA fans may be overstating the threat UIW poses to the Roadrunners, the Cardinals are still a well-coached program that will put up a fight. UIW will expose some weaknesses in the Roadrunners secondary, but UTSA should be able to beat up on the Cardinals undersized lines to secure a two or three score victory.