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What are some good Car insurance coverages inclusions

  • Partial and total loss damage original spare parts.
  • Reception of complaints at home.
  • Network Workshop selected by the insured through the hotline.
  • We cover natural events, earthquake and terrorism.
  • We pay the transfer costs in the event
    of total loss.

    Submit claims directly to the workshop to be repaired vehicle (Other media: call center, enabling on-site or at home)
    In the event of total loss, if your car is this year or next, we will replace your vehicle for 0 km to the reference value


  • Partial and total loss by theft
  • Transfer costs in the event of total loss
  • Submit claims directly to the workshop to be repaired vehicle (Other means, call center, facilitator on site or at home)
  • Network Workshop selected by the insured through the hotline
    Loss or theft of car keys
  • In the event of total loss, if your car is this year or next, we will replace your vehicle for 0 km to the reference value
  • Damage or injury caused to property or third parties
  • Negotiations with the third affected in the accident (Liability express)
    moral damage and psychological damage
  • Damages caused to cargo transported
  • patrimonial Amparo (covers drunk driving, speeding and unlicensed)
    Damage to other vehicles (lost profits)
  • automatic return of the sum insured per event and without payment of premium.
  • Extending coverage Liability to authorized persons who drive the insured vehicle (without subrogation).
  • Extension Liability coverage for the insured when driving vehicles of similar characteristics.

Cumulative Liability. You can use the Liability of one or more vehicles, as required, as long as the insured is who appears on all vehicles and is a natural person


Covers for non-standard vehicles


Non-standard vehicles are specifically designed to serve particular transportation purposes which standard types of automotive cannot serve and this shows the level of importance to be given for the maintenance and protection of those vehicles.

When it comes to non-standard vehicle s they are predominantly categorized under non-standard vehicles. Some of the popular mobile vehicles are class b motor home such as camper vans, class b+ and class c motor home and other camper vehicle s such as truck camper, travel trailers, truck and bus conversion vehicle s.

Most of the camper kind of recreation vehicle s serves as the second home with so much of side out spaces, living quarters, enough provisions to keep stuffs, portioned spaces like rooms to be used for different purposes and are equipped with high quality materials with so many amnesties in place, which makes so luxurious and offer maximum comfort and this makes them very expensive to maintain, hence they deserve the protection to highest level.

There are custom made genuine vehicle parts available for non-standard vehicles. Vehicle parts provide a lifetime protection for your second home like RV. To store the non-standard vehicles outdoors, the vehicle cover helps to protect it from dirt, dust, UV rays, chemicals, bird droppings, tree sap and keeps temperatures down. The vehicle parts with breathable fabric and vents keep rain water out and allow moisture to escape form vehicle thus limits the formation of mildew and molds. Custom genuine vehicle parts can be made for any shape of vehicle made from polypropylene cover are universally suitable for all type of weather.

These parts should have all the needed straps, hardware and usually includes a storage bag. The vehicle should be kept clean and dry before placing the cover. The covering of the vehicle can be done by stepping up on the vehicle roof that facilitates to unroll the cover and drop the sides. You can use ropes to put the cover on the top, require a ladder and a broom to spread the cover over the protrusions such as awning, antenna mount, a/c unit etc.

The cover is placed secured with ties, buckles or straps. One person can do the covering with vehicle cover. But with an assistant it is easier. A mid-size vehicle requires about 15 minutes doing the covering. The cover should be placed properly without rubbing against any corners that might tear the cover and see that it does not flap in the wind which may cause marks or scratched on the RV.