What are some good Car insurance coverages inclusions

Partial and total loss damageOriginal spare parts.
Reception of complaints at home.
Network Workshop selected by the insured through the hotline.
We cover natural events, earthquake and terrorism.
We pay the transfer costs in the event
of total loss.
patrimonial Amparo
Submit claims directly to the workshop to be repaired vehicle (Other media: call center, enabling on-site or at home)
In the event of total loss, if your car is this year or next, we will replace your vehicle for 0km to the reference value

Partial and total loss by theft
Transfer costs in the event of total loss
Submit claims directly to the workshop to be repaired vehicle (Other means, call center, faciltador on site or at home)
Network Workshop selected by the insured through the hotline
Loss or theft of car keys
In the event of total loss, if your car is this year or next, we will replace your vehicle for 0km to the reference value

Damage or injury caused to property or third parties
Negotiations with the third affected in the accident (Liability express)
moral damage and psychological damage
Damages caused to cargo transported
patrimonial Amparo (covers drunk driving, speeding and unlicensed)
Damage to other vehicles (lost profits)
automatic return of the sum insured per event and without payment of premium.
Extending coverage Liability to authorized persons who drive the insured vehicle (without subrogation).
Extension Liability coverage for the insured when driving vehicles of similar characteristics.
Cumulative Liability. You can use the Liability of one or more vehicles, as required, as long as the insured is who appears on all vehicles and is a natural person

Custom wheels for your Cars

Innovation is at its best when it comes to Automobile technology. This has impacted in all kinds of vehicles especially cars and now check out the latest on car custom wheels. The practical meaning for a Custom Wheel is something which is developed to either alter or modernize your car. It can make your car appear to be trendy and it can give off the feeling that the car was really costly, or it can just make it appear stylish.
There is no likely doubt that if you happen to purchase these wheels for your car, there is going to be few people out there who want to steal them, which is probably not very nice. Due to this, the makers are clever enough to make extraordinary lug nuts that you can put on your car so there is no way that someone can take these. They also provide something called wheel locks that need a key for you to in fact remove the wheel. This can be as a safety for your Cars and Car wheels as no one will be able to run your car other than you, who has the keys for the wheels too.

5 Insurance Policies You Must Have including Auto Insurance

We never know what will happen to us the next moment as most part of our life is not there in our hands and is largely influenced by people around us and hence there are a lot uncertainties on our health condition, job and on the regular income we get. Hence, it also becomes our responsibility to secure our future and to secure the future of those who are dependent on us. To secure your future, there are 5 Insurance policies you must have and the first of them as everyone knows is the Life Insurance which secures the future of those who are dependent on us.
The next one is the health insurance as we are not super humans to have immunity against all diseases, so to take care of our medical expenses as the medical costs have gone up these days, health insurance is very important.
The third must have insurance policy is the payment protection insurance policy, in order to ensure timely repayment of our debts even if our earning capacity has got affected.
Then are the regular home owners insurance and finally the automobile insurance to secure your home and car if you own them.

How does a Road side Assistance work under Auto insurance

Hedges vehicle
Status Report tracks
When the insured is to ingest liquor company on request, you can provide a driver to take you to the usual address.
own suppliers and outsourced
Home inspections
Workshop trolley (minor breakdowns)
Displacement of the insured and beneficiaries by simple or qualified vehicle theft
Transport, storage or custody of the vehicle repaired or recovered
Location and delivery of spare parts
During a trip, death, accident or illness, the company will provide a professional driver to take them to the usual address or nearest destination site.
Crane trailer or transport vehicle, breakdown or accident
Pay parking in transit through immobilization
Stay and movement of the insured and beneficiaries vehicle immobilisation
Legal assistance

Service attorney to release the vehicle to the respective legal unit.
Home expenses jail.
Lawyer phone service or site if the event warrants.
Service attorney for assistance to the judicial unit transit or mediation center.
Hedges people

Transportation of the insured and beneficiaries in case of death of one (s) of them
Ambulance additional costs (for transfer of the insured in case of injury or accident)
Facilitator Service
Moving the insured for trip interruption due to the death of a family member
Transportation in case of accident injury or illness of the insured during the trip
Travel and subsistence of a family of the insured
Transmission of urgent messages

List of commonly not covered things in Auto Insurance policies

Liability in Tort
Damage to the vehicle to transport things on it and goods your property or your relatives.
Death or injury to your relatives.
The responsibility is generated, for death, injury or damage when the vehicle is driven by unauthorized persons.

Total loss and partial damage to the vehicle and accessories

Damage caused by failures due to use or natural wear and tear of the vehicle.
Deficiencies damage repair or maintenance.
Damage that you use in your vehicle fuel not recommended by the manufacturer.
Note: Loss or damage sustained by the vehicle by the above causes are covered in case of: volcamiento, shock or fire.
Damage to keep on and / or start the vehicle after an accident, without the necessary technical repairs have been done.

In the driver accidents

Death, disability or dismemberment as different from a traffic accident consequence.
Suicide, attempted suicide or self injury, or not being normal use of his mental faculties.
Accidents occurring when the driver authorized to participate in speed or skill competitions.

The general policy will not cover the insured vehicle when:

It is retained by the authority or be kidnapped.
It is used for a purpose other than agreed in the policy.
It is used for driving instruction.
Participate in automobile competition or training.
Hale another
It is given for rent, unless the insured or beneficiary is a leasing company legally constituted.
Vehicle ownership has been transferred, whether or not in writing and regardless of whether or not legally registered.
fines and expenses that relate to reprehensible behavior is not indemnified.
In the claim there is bad faith or forged or altered documents are submitted.
I have fraud by the insured.
loss or damage to the vehicle occur by direct or indirect cause of war or acts of foreign forces, or by direct or indirect nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination accordingly.
Beech fraud, breach of trust and any other crime against different heritage theft, according to the definitions of the penal code.